Recipe #25 Pumpkin Nutella Cake

I had you at Nutella, right? Well, growing up, Nutella was our peanut butter -- where we grew up, we had more European influences, so peanut butter wasn't very common. And in Europe, Nutella is omnipresent. There are days when I just want to slather myself with this hazelnut spread -- would that be so wrong?

So when I came across a recipe for pumpkin Nutella cake, I just had to give it a try. I'm going to have to give this 3 ladles, though. Believe it or not, pumpkin and Nutella really don't go together. I know -- far be it from me to forego putting Nutella on something. Moreover, it wasn't easy to get the Nutella swirled in. The only recipe only called for it to be dolloped on top, but I figured it would be more delicious if it was woven in throughout the bread -- hence, double the work.

So here's the first half of the cake:

I then added the rest of the batter and then put some more Nutella on top, and swirled it:

Here's the baked version:

I have to say, that the baked version is quite lovely.

And here's how it appears inside:

Moist? Yes. Flavorful? Not really. And despite my best attempts to distribute the Nutella evenly in the batter, there were still big globs of it throughout -- so in some bites, you wouldn't have any Nutella, while in others, you would get a load of it.

When it first came out of the oven, I actually thought it tasted pretty good. So I brought it over to my friend's house. They seemed to like it, but perhaps they were just being polite. After some time had passed, as I was thinking about writing this post, I realized that I would never make this cake again. And I promise -- this is the last pumpkin recipe for a while. I'm pumpkin-ed out!

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