Recipe #24: New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie

This recipe is a bit laborious, for a chocolate chip cookie -- it's not for the faint of heart. But I'm perpetually in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, so I was willing to go the distance. I've tried dozens of recipes, but none of them measure up. The perfect cookie, for me, is one that is dense, moist, slightly chewy, and has a balanced sweetness.

This recipe, courtesy of the New York Times, came pretty close. The sea salt really does add a touch of elegance to the humble chocolate chip cookie. My guinea pigs (my dear friends) agreed that it was quite good. I might need to experiment with a few little tweaks in order to make it truly perfect, though (and in all fairness, I only refrigerated the dough for about 4 hours). 4 ladles in the meantime.

And here's a closeup:


Tilda Hopper said...

I wish I lived on the west coast so I could try your treats.

Chief Grubber said...

DITTO!!! Move. :)