Dubai Part 3

And here's the final post about Dubai. This was a great meal at a very popular Lebanese restaurant. It's got a very eclectic and broad-ranging menu, but I recommend avoiding the non-traditional dishes and sticking to the good stuff. Here's a gorgeous spread of hummus, pickles and olives, and salad with haloumi cheese.

We shared a seafood platter (which I didn't include a picture of). Dessert was particularly noteworthy. This is kunafa and warbat. Kunafa is a classic Arabic dessert - filled with a stringy cheese similar to mozzarella. It also usually has some rosewater in it, giving it a lightly floral taste. Warbat is also a delectable cheese dessert - pretty much a baklava that's filled with cheese instead of nuts. They were both warmed up, so the cheese just oozed out, while the phyllo was crusty and crispy.    

I also took my family to a great brunch at the InterContinental Festival City. Brunch is a big deal in Dubai - and it was also the case when we were living in Saudi Arabia. The spread is just phenomenal - so many choices! Let's see - there's an Italian station (pasta made to your liking), an Indian station (with a huge tandoori oven baking fresh naan)...oh, a huge seafood bar and a grill as well - you can ask them to prepare any kind of seafood, any way you please! Here's a grilled lobster my family enjoyed:

Of course, I was mostly interested in the desserts. Here's a small sampling of some of the options we gathered from the dessert section (trust me, I wanted to get one of each. I also wanted to dunk my face into the caramel, fudge and white chocolate fountains...):

Isn't this "strawberry cheesecake" trifle so gorgeous? 

I really wish I had taken more pictures - but you can see much more extensive pictures on their Facebook page. Quite a gluttonous experience! 

But here's the sad, sad kicker - I actually got mild food poisoning the night before, so...I sat and watched as my family ate to their heart's content (they felt terribly guilty). I didn't get to taste anything (just the thought of eating made me nauseous). The only consolation was seeing their happy faces and knowing they enjoyed themselves immensely. 

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