Day trip to Point Reyes

A very good friend of mine is leaving SF. Boo. She decided that, before she left, she really wanted to see the Point Reyes Lighthouse. So, we grabbed another friend of ours and took a little day trip out there.

It was so beautiful! The hike down is deceivingly steep -- a sign indicated that the steps are the equivalent of a 30-story building. The legs definitely got a work out.

(This shot was taken with my cell phone. Not bad, eh?)

Thank goodness we fueld up beforehand. We stopped by the Cowgirl Creamery, which makes insanely delicious, organic, artisan cheese. 

We stocked up on some Mt. Tam cheese (triple-cream, cow milk), as well as some Tome de Chalosse (semi-soft, cow milk), a loaf of freshly baked bread, some orzo salad, and salt/pepper uncured sausage (which I actually was not a big fan of). Here's our lovely spread: 

A gorgeous day, and a great way to celebrate friends.

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