Recipe #22: Popcorn

Ok, so I know this recipe isn't going to impress anyone. And I know you're probably in disbelief that I've never made stovetop popcorn. Yes, pick up your jaw off the ground. I guess I've never bothered to think about making it on the stove when I could just pop a bag into the microwave. And I always thought you needed a special popcorn pan - like the kind that has a handle. Turns out you just need an ordinary pot. Damn marketers.

Recently, I read that there are all sorts of nasty chemicals in popcorn bags, so I wanted to make popcorn the old-fashioned way, without any chemicals or additives. Plus, I got some amazing porcini-infused olive oil in Sonoma last weekend that I really wanted to try, in addition to some gorgeous crimson corn kernels (never seen them before).

Of course, I've already forgotten where I got the recipe, but it's basically 3 TB of oil for a 1/2 cup of kernels.

I only used 1 TB of the porcini oil with 2 TB of olive oil, so the flavor was very mellow - perhaps a bit too mellow. Next time, I might try 2 TB of the porcini oil and 1 TB of olive oil. The crimson kernels actually popped up into a beautiful, snowy white.

Gorgeous, right? Food is so beautiful. Why didn't I do this earlier?! Absolutely no point in buying chemical-laden junk popcorn. 5 ladles for ease, health and taste.

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