In-n-Out is a revered west coast institution. I first had my taste a few years ago when I was living in Seattle and flying down to the Bay Area for fun.

It's fast food, and if fast food could actually be quality, In-n-Out would actually qualify. For instance, take their french fries: they actually just push a whole potato through a cutter and dump them into the fryer. No mixing with weird fillers, no weird chemicals, no nothing. Just potatoes, fried in oil - the way real french fries should be.

You can get your burger in any number of ways - with their special sauce, "Animal Style," or even a "grilled cheese" (the burger without the burger). They used to have a secret menu, where those in the know would order certain additions to their burger, but it's definitely not secret any more. 

I used to get my burger animal style, but it was always such a messy experience! So I switched to getting my fries animal style, which...if I can actually say this with a straight face...is a slightly more civilized experience because you can eat it with a fork.

Here it is. East coast friends, you're missing out: 

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