Recipe #18: Croissant egg casserole

A friend of mine had a baby recently, so I offered to bring her dinner. I wasn't sure what to make, but I got a book of casseroles from the library, and wanted to try out a new recipe. I found a breakfast casserole that called for a few simple ingredients.

The recipe actually called for onions, but the leeks looked particularly lovely, so I opted for them instead. I don't know why I don't cook with leeks more often - they've got a delicate sweetness, with all the flavor of a green onion. You do have to cook them thoroughly though, because they're quite sturdy.

So basically, the recipe called for mushrooms, leeks (or onions), eggs and croissants.

Here are the bottom halves of the croissants, with half of the egg custard poured on top. Then, you layer it with the mushroom/leek mixture, and sprinkle it with some cheese (I used provolone, but you could use any type of cheese you like - gruyere would taste great). The final layer consists of the other halves of the croissants, and the remainder of the custard. It gets refrigerated overnight and bakes for 30-40 minutes the next day.

I unfortunately didn't take a picture of the final product, though I did manage a small taste (what if it tasted terrible?! I couldn't give that to my friend and her family. I think it tasted pretty good - the croissants got crispy and brown, due to the high butter content). 4 stars. Easy, hearty, and it would make a great "leftover" dish -- as in, use your leftovers to make a great meal.

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