Recipe #15: Salmon patties

A friend had recently posted that she made the most outrageously delicious (and easy) salmon patties. Intrigued, I found that the recipe called for simple pantry staples: canned salmon (Ok, this isn't exactly a staple in my pantry. Tuna - maybe, salmon - no.) and Saltine crackers, mixed with a few eggs, half an onion and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Fry 'em up in a liberal amount of oil. Easy enough, right? Yes to easy, no to amazing.

They weren't bad, just...bland. And unexciting. I used some garlic instead of the onion, and didn't use a lot of oil - just a splash of lemon-infused olive oil on a nonstick pan. To its credit, I will say that this recipe is incredibly economical and very easy to pull together. 

The slight red sheen you see on top of the salmon patty is from my cryptonite, Tabasco. I also pulled together a 2-second tartar sauce with organic olive oil mayo, some capers, a squeeze of lemon and some freshly ground pepper. 

3 ladles. If I were to make this recipe again, I'd add something fresh to it -- maybe some scallions or chopped parsley. Something to bring it to life.

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