Recipe #14: Williams Sonoma's Peanut Butter Cookies

Cookbooks from Williams Sonoma are nice because each recipe features gorgeous, full-size pictures. Having just bought a giant tub of peanut butter at Costco (there's a PB fiend in my house, and it ain't me), I felt inspired to make classic peanut butter cookies.

I've found over the years, that a lot of peanut butter cookies call for shortening. I'm guessing it has to do with the consistency, and the combination of shortening with peanut butter must create some good chemistry. Well, this recipe didn't call for shortening, thankfully, but the end result was overwhelmingly underwhelming.

The texture was grainy, and while the recipe called for refrigerating the dough for a few hours, the dough just crumbled to the touch and was really hard to roll into a ball. See how it cracks?

Although traditional PB cookies have the signature criss-cross imprint, I left it one-sided so that I could pipe some chocolate in between the line. I wasn't trying to get too fancy, but the recipe called for it, and I thought it was a clever way to make the cookies a bit more elegant. I didn't get that far, though, because the cookies continued to be a crumbly mess out of the oven. Hard, grainy and too crumbly. 2 ladles (the flavor wasn't bad).

Sidenote: Crap, it's March and I'm on recipe #13? Only 351 more to go! Right.

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Tilda Hopper said...

Bummer about the cookies. You are totally right about the shortening making them so delicious. Oh transfat...you did have your merits.