Recipe #7: Lemon cookies

I'm still on my lemon kick, ever since my co-worker brought in lemons from his backyard. So I found a recipe for lemon cookies that looked interesting. Long story short: tastes great, looks terrible.

Exhibit 1: Here they are, fresh out of the oven. The shapes are a little funky, right? Well, that's how the log was formed and when I cut the thin slices, one side sort of became lopsided. I tried rolling the dough out, but that didn't work. At least the purple sanding sugar is cute.

And here's a close-up:

Again, super funny-looking, but actually tasted great -- just the right amount of zest (love that you can see specks throughout the cookie), tang, and a nice butter flavor. 3 ladles -- 4 if they came out in a nicer shape.

I might have to give this recipe another run to see if they can come out a little prettier. After all, it's no fun to eat something that's not also fun to look at. When I studied in Japan, I learned a saying that roughly translates to "the Japanese eat with their eyes first." It's true - food is art in Japan, and it carries through -- not just on the plate but even to the packaging of regular food. So I've been inspired to make things that are not only good to eat but pretty too look at, in a non-artificial way...so far, not so good.


Tilda Hopper said...

First of all, I am so glad you are on a lemon kick...citrus desserts are totally underated!

Second: those cookies would make an awesome stone patio to a gingerbread house...or boulders in an edible Japanese rock garden. MMM...

Chief Grubber said...

Haha, those are awesome ideas!