Recipe #13: Entenmann's-style crumb cake

I realized that Entenmann's must be an east coast thing -- reason being: I rarely see any of their goods sold in the grocery stores out here in the west, and if I do, they don't seem to be very popular. Lo and behold, I discovered today that Entenmann's began as a bakery in Brooklyn. Aha! See, a lot of east coasters I know love Entenmann's -- it's a guilty pleasure. And of all their treats, I'd argue that their crumb cake is the most beloved. When we were kids, my brother and I would fight over the dense crumb topping (the ratio of crumb to cake is about 2:1, which is what makes it so damn good).

So when I came across a recipe that claimed to recreate the Entenmann crumb cake, I bit. But I should've known that nothing can come close to the original. Though I don't remember the original source of the recipe, it was a big flop. The cake was dry, the crumb topping tasted mostly of flour, and the color was an unappealingly pale tan color.

Looks can be deceiving. It doesn't look so bad, does it?

Fresh and hot out of the oven, it wasn't too bad. A few hours later, and it was like eating chalk. 1 ladle.

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