Recipe #11: Frozen banana "ice-cream"

A friend had told me about a "recipe" (and truly, this is "recipe" in the loosest sense of the word), where you simply blend frozen bananas, which magically transforms it into a frozen treat. I was intrigued by the blog post she sent me, which describes this treat as "life-changing." So I tried it.

Here it is:

No, it's not a recycled picture of my hummus. First of all, frozen bananas are a b*#@! to peel. So note to self, peel them before you freeze them. Second, it tastes like dipping dots -- you know, the dots that magically "melt" in your mouth to turn into ice-cream. I thought that maybe I would get a better consistency if I let it thaw out a bit more. Well then, what you get is cold banana mush. And third, girlfriend who wrote the blog post is trippin' if she thinks this is "life-changing" -- but then again, she's on a raw, vegan diet, so 'nuf said. ZERO LADLES. If I could give a "minus" ladle, I would, because my food processor is a pain to clean, so if I'm going to bring it out, it better be worth it. Clearly, it wasn't. 

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