Wasting food

Lidia Bastianich is a chef and entrepreneur whom I really admire. I love her unfussy cooking, as well as her informative exploration of Italian history and culture (plus, you gotta love a grandma who sports a Panerai -- pretty bad ass, in my book). Anyways, one of her newsletters popped into my inbox recently, and it definitely caught my attention (beyond the quick perusal of her latest recipes). In this post, she writes about how much food we waste. Here's what I found to be the most poignant excerpt:

"The world produces 120% of the food it needs, and yet there are people still hungry. We are all concerned about being 'green,' but according to some of the latest statistics, one third of the world’s gas omissions are produced by wasted food. The actual waste of the food, coupled with all the energy, labor and materials used in producing this food, are all contributing to this serious problem."

This year, I resolve to do my part to try to eliminate as much food waste as possible, and to continue to contribute with both time and resources to charitable organizations that feed people, like Project Open Hand & Share Our Strength.

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