Recipe #2: Blood orange and avocado salad

I thought I should clarify my experiment for the year, as a friend recently asked me rather incredulously if I was going to test a new recipe every day (as in, cook every day). Um...that's a negative, Ghost Rider. Or in the words of an infamously cracked out has-been diva, "Hell to the no." I still hold to the rather ambitious goal of testing 365 new recipes this year, though. Yeah...let's circle back on December 31st, shall we? ;)

This weekend, I definitely made up for lost time by testing a number of different recipes. The latest and greatest site for epicurean inspiration for me has been foodgawker.com. It's food porn, no doubt about it. It makes me realize a) food is so beautiful b) there are so many bloggers out there who put so much thought and effort into their food blogs -- it definitely puts my measly one to shame. But then again, they're out there to attract audiences, and I'm just out to entertain my family and friends.

Anyways, my recent get together with some great friends gave me the perfect excuse to try out a simple yet elegant blood orange and avocado salad. It was incredibly tasty - definitely worth a 5 ladle rating. The ingredients were so simple: blood oranges (I didn't have any blood oranges, so I substituted two different kinds of oranges - one that resembled the pink flesh of a grapefruit), avocado, and a super light dressing made simply with vinegar, olive oil, a little agave nectar, lime juice and zest. Incredibly refreshing and so simple.

Now, I have this bad habit of cutting and pasting recipes and forgetting where they came from...alas, I've already misplaced the original recipe source. Drats. At least I have the recipe...

5 ladles


Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

I am entertained!

Salad sounds delicious. Agave nectar? At first I though, Tequila...but after a quick search, it is a sweetener, yes?

Chief Grubber said...

Hooray! I aim to entertain you. :) Yup, agave nectar is awesome. It's more soluble than regular sugar, so it's great in hot (or cold) drinks, drizzled on top of Greek yogurt or on grapefruits -- virtually anything you would put sugar in! And it's no longer an exotic ingredient, so many grocery stores carry it.