Henna style wedding cake

I haven't been traveling too much lately. Too busy at work, chained to my desk, and burning the midnight oil. But, I did manage to head down to SoCal for a relative's wedding recently. Here's the cake that they served. I found it to be beautifully simple and quite elegant (and I couldn't help but think: gee, someone probably spent a lot of time piping the henna-like design, cramping their hands!): 

This one had a layer of white sponge cake and a layer of chocolate cake, topped with a buttercream frosting. 
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of wedding cake, both aesthetically and taste-wise, but for those who choose who have one, I think the simpler the better.   

Looks like something out of a wedding magazine, right?


Tilda Hopper said...

I totally agree with you that wedding cakes are far from tasty. For my wedding, I am going to get a birthday cake from a fantastic bakery in Bryn Mawr,PA called the Bakery Shop and put roses on it (assuming I ever succumb to marriage:)). Still, I have to admit, this one is pretty.

Chief Grubber said...

That's an awesome idea, TH! Who cares if it's pretty to look at -- it's gotta taste good! The dirty secret about wedding cakes is that they're often made days, if not weeks in advance (and elaborate cakes require several people to manhandle it -- touching it to shape it, mold it, decorate it, etc.). Both aspects are a little gross, in my book.