Brownie cookies too cute to eat (*almost*)

My friend J. is amazing: smart, gorgeous, kind, and sweet -- and a wicked baker at that. All the cookies and cakes she makes look like they're straight out of a magazine. She usually packages them up in delicate little boxes, and gives them away to friends. I happen to be one of the lucky friends, and for some reason, crumbs are perpetually hanging off my chin when I hang around her -- likely having gorged one of her masterful creations.

Recently, J. made these decadent brownie cookies. I don't actually know if they're called brownie cookies, but that's what I named them when I bit into them. That's because the consistency is moist and chewy, just like a brownie.

Ok, so how cute are these cookies?! Look how perfectly she arranged the pink, red, and while M&Ms. Now that takes effort (she told me that the best way to keep the chocolates in tact is to press them into the cookie about 3/4 of the way through baking them -- that way, they don't crack or melt)!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and these would make a lovely gift, no?

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