Danken got for matzoh ball soup!

This weekend I ate at a Jewish deli (perhaps the only one on the west coast?! Sad.), and almost cried tears of joy as I slurped down a very good bowl of matzoh ball soup. Tam ganeydn! Why was it so good, you ask? Well, I could tell that the matzoh ball was made with schmaltz (rendered chicken fat). And how could I tell it was made with schmaltz? I'm a regular Einstein...that, and well, the chicken flavor was undeniable. 

(Sidenote: Do you see the size of that thing?! Definitely a sinker, not a floater.)

I don't know why it took so long for me to try this place. Maybe it was out of a stubborn conviction that a west coast deli couldn't possibly be as good as the ones I was used to in NYC. Now, I may be but a goy (though I kvell at the fact that I've been adopted by all my Jewish friends' families as a honorary Jew), but I certainly eat (and talk) like one...and I know a good matzoh ball soup when I taste one. And on a cold, rainy day (or month, as it's been in my neck of the woods), NOTHING hits the spot quite like this soup.

The napkin at this restaurant was also imprinted with the phrase," Eat, darling, eat!" Now, I know that my fairy bubbeh is smiling down on me from somewhere.

This one goes out to my darling bubbellah, KR. Miss you!


Giant dough pillow

I visited a local bakery/cafe today and took this picture:

Seriously, though -- how fun would it be to jump in that dough?! :)