Yellow fail

There are plenty of desserts that I adore, but just don't make that often (or ever). Not sure why. Lemon bars fall into that category.

I visited my aunt recently, and she had a gorgeous lemon tree in her backyard (that she apparently wasn't doing anything with). So I greedily snatched up as many ripe ones as I could fit into my bag. When I got home, I thought of all the wonderful things I could make (any number of Moroccan recipes using preserved lemons, or a simple piccata), but lemon bars immediately came to mind. So I went in search of a good recipe, and this lemon bar recipe on allrecipes.com had lots of great reviews. 

Dear faithful reader, I want you to know that I don't always write only about my cooking/travel eating successes; there have been plenty of failures. And this one ranks pretty high in that category (along with the pumpkin bread where I forgot to put in any kind of leavening). It was a big, yellow disaster.

It doesn't look too bad, does it? Too bad I couldn't get a closeup. It was disgustingly spongy...and why in the world would a lemon bar be spongy?! It had gross pockets of air, and then of course, the edges got burnt. Reminded me of the pimply face of a hormonal teenager. The lemon flavor was quite refreshing, but that's where the redeeming qualities stopped. I have no idea what went wrong...but I'll have to experiment with some other recipes to figure it out. Oh, and the little corner where I had a taste? Most of it ended up in the compost container. Blech! Horrible, epic, giant yellow fail. :(

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