Pecan Pie - Hard lessons learned

As part of my baking rampage, I decided to try out a new pecan pie recipe. The author claimed that it was hands down, THE best pecan pie ever! Lesson #1: Don't bother making the recipe...because the likelihood of the recipe truly living up to its hype is...well, minimal. But what do I do? I of course, had to test drive the recipe. Here's my creation, en route to a dinner party: 

The pie looks pretty decent, right? Nice and toasted and golden brown on top -- and if you look closely, you can almost see the golden goodness underneath, wanting to ooze out. But alas, I learned Lesson #2: Don't try out a new recipe for a dinner party. I tried a sliver, just to make sure it was ok, and was so glad I did. If I wasn't running so short on time (and if the stores nearby weren't already closed), I would've tossed the pie into the trash. The inside was still runny (despite cooking it almost twice as long as the recipe had indicated), the pecans chewy (from overcooking, I suppose), and it was far too overwhelmingly sugary (and that's coming from someone who has a serious sweet tooth). In other words, epic fail. :( So whether you say pecan, or pecaaaahn, this recipe experiment says DISASTER.

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