I love me some donuts. What's not to love about fried goodness?

This weekend, we were driving around a new neighborhood and came across a cute, old-fashioned donut shop. It wasn't memorable (because I don't even remember the name), and probably not worth a photo, but...here it is anyway:

As you can I see, I had already taken a bite out of the apple fritter. Well, I suppose it was an apple fritter, but it was hard to tell - the tiny, square piece you see in the middle of the giant glob is the only piece of apple I got in the entire thing. And no, I didn't eat all 3 donuts - the other two were immediately gobbled up by my dining partner. I didn't hear much out of his mouth other than "nom nom nom."

Makes me nostalgic about the amazing donuts I used to have at Top Pot Donuts in Seattle. Dear Seattle friends, please send me some Top Pot Donuts on a magic carpet!

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