Cleaning the cupboard

It was a dreary, blustery day of rain - just the perfect kind of day to snuggle up with a great book and a steaming cup of cocoa, right? Well, it started out like that...but when I went to the cupboard in search of some stray marshmallows, everything but the marshmallows came tumbling out. Guess it's been a while since I've organized the cupboard. So what do I proceed to do? Take everything out and start organizing, of course! And about 2 minutes into it, I'm thinking to myself, "Why the *%$@ am I doing this again?"

Here's 1 shelf of the final product:

Apparently, I eat a lot of curry and a lot of pumpkin. Huh.

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erin said...

Your cabinet looks much more organized than mine. Amy came over and commented that she wanted to organize it for me, well for a trade-- we paint her bathroom and she'll organize. How about you come over and I ask you to get marshmallows instead?