The case of the disappearing peanut brittle

A friend's dad hasn't been feeling well lately. So I thought I'd cheer him up by sending him some peanut brittle, which is one of his favorite candies. On a candy making frenzy, since my somewhat successful first attempt at salted caramels last week, I decided to give it a go. How hard could it be anyway? Turns it out it wasn't hard at all. Like candy making in general, it just requires a bit of patience. 

So here's the batch I made:

I was admittedly pretty proud of myself, because it actually tasted pretty darn good. Not bad for my first try. 

But just a few short hours later, here's what was left of the big pan:

Unbeknownst to me, a mischievous little bear named R. had been sneaking into the kitchen every so often, taking a little piece here and there. Hmph! So I had to go back and make a second batch for my intended recipient. And the little bear got a good scolding. 

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