Ricotta tart with mixed berry compote

Recipes are hit or miss. Sometimes they turn out great, and sometimes you wonder if anyone bothered testing (or tasting) the recipe. This ricotta tart recipe turned out to be superb! I was looking for an elegant dessert to bring to a dinner party, and since the hostess doesn't have much of a sweet tooth (the horror - can you imagine?!), one that wasn't too overly sugary. The tart turned out wonderfully, much to my delight, and was easier to make than it initially seemed. It tastes like a cheesecake, but is far lighter, and lacks any of the cloying cheesiness typical of dense cheesecakes. 

Instead of the fig compote, however, I made a very simple mixed berry compote using frozen berries. Butter, a little brown sugar, and a few squeezes of lemon over a gentle heat and the compote was done within minutes. Definitely a keeper!

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