Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Cake!

A friend recently brought over some delicious little bon bons. Or so I thought. Turns out they were cake balls. What are cake balls, you ask? Dear inquisitive reader, let me tell you: it's mashed up cake, mixed with frosting, rolled in chocolate. Duh! In theory, they disgust me. In reality (and in my mouth), they taste like manna from heaven. So this friend passed on the recipe for cake balls from a lady who calls herself "Bakerella."

As you can see from her website, the possibilities are endless. I suppose you could make the recipe more...shall we say "homemade" by making both the cake and frosting from scratch, buuuuutttttt...why the heck would you?! It's pointless, as the ingredients just get rolled into a giant cake ball anyway. To be honest, everything on Bakerella's site strikes me as a little too close to "Sandra Lee's Semi-homemade" (aka nothing homemade) for comfort.

 (Photo courtesy of Foodnetworkhumor.com)

But I do credit her for creative ideas. And truth be told, some of the adorable balls/pops just make me want to reach through my computer and just squeeze 'em! Ooohhhh! I digress. Back to the cake balls.

So, I grabbed a box of cake mix, a tub of frosting, mashed them all up, and freezed them for a bit. Then I melted some Ghirardelli white chocolate and semisweet chocolate (hey, at least make the chocolate coating respectable), and rolled the balls around in them. Here's the end result:


They're back in the fridge, chilling until tomorrow, when I'll use my coworkers as my guinea pigs. At the moment, however, I'm not very impressed with them. They were really messy to make (I'd like to say that the white chocolate with the dark chocolate streaks was intentional, and it was...but it started out with an accidental drip - there, I admitted it), and I'm not quite sure how they'll taste. With all that sugar, though, I doubt you'll be able to discern any real flavors - just an overwhelming sugar rush. We'll see what the coworkers think tomorrow.

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