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Here are some of my favorite food-related blogs. I like them each for different reasons: some are informative, some are funny, and some are just plain gorgeous to look (drool) at. 

This is a hysterical site. It even resulted in a book. I can't get enough of these cake wrecks. When I need a good laugh, I head over here - there's bound to be something to laugh at. Best of all, the author really doesn't take herself too seriously, which I appreciate. Check out this gem:

(Photo courtesy of cakewrecks.blogspot.com)

My, what gorgeous pictures! I love the creative desserts (matcha cake sushi rolls, anyone?), but what I love most is how the author explains her thought process behind her creations. The desserts are so elegant and beautiful, yet approachable at the same time. Makes me want to go on a baking rampage! Look at the beauty below -- like something out of a gourmet magazine!

(Photo courtesy of sprinklebakes.com)

Apparently, a lot of celebrities love this site (Gwyneth Paltrow, Keri Russell). That's definitely not why I like it (frankly, knowing that the queen of Goop likes this site makes me...like it less). The recipes are homey, the pictures lovely, and the sense of humor self-deprecating. (Side commentary: if maintaining the site isn't the author's full-time job, how in the world does she cook all this stuff?! Bored housewife? Not sure.) 

I have a love/hate relationship with this site. I love it for its gorgeous pictures and slightly less run-of-the-mill recipes. Plus, since the author is French, I like to think that I pick up a few French words here and there. But for some reason, there's a certain haughtiness about the author that - well, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Her posts sing of "Come with me on my fabulous jaunts to Paris and Greece, and oh - look at the house I've just bought and the magnificent kitchen I'm building, and my beautiful, perfect baby, and my many, many awards. Ooh la la!" Kinda makes me want to say - tais-toi (shut up)! 

This is another site where -- as I like to say -- the jury's still out on it. At best, I feel ambivalent towards it. Some days, I like the photos and plentiful ideas for healthy vegetarian fare. Other days, I get this strange feeling that -- in person, the author's probably a cranky pants. 

I can't read this at work because whenever I do, I wet my pants. The captions are hilarious! It's all the things you're thinking to yourself while watching the Food Network, going "Do they really pay her to do that?!" Can't make this stuff up. And really - you can't take yourself too seriously. Case in point:

(Photo courtesy of foodnetworkhumor.com)

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