Mummy? Yak? Mummy? Yak?

Hello loyal fans! (sound of crickets) Sigh. Well, hello me. I know I haven't posted in a while...it's been a busy year. Rest assured, there have been plenty of great meals.

But what better way to start off a streak of posts than with...yak candy?! Ok, looks...pretty harmless, right?

WRONG. This "candy" is quite possibly the most foul thing I have ever tasted. When you open up this cute little package, it looks like this:

So what is it, exactly? It's sweet yak meat, wrapped in dried cod. That's the truth - could I possibly make that combination up?! It tastes like...dead mummy. Well, I can only imagine what a 1000-year old mummy would taste like, but if I knew, I'm sure it would taste as putrid as this "candy."
Here's a novel idea: instead of waterboarding, why not use these as form of torture? Stuff a few of these in someone's mouth and I guarantee they'll start talking.