Hot tamale!

Behold, the famous green corn tamales at El Cholo Mexican Restaurant in Los Angeles. This photo is admittedly terrible, but...there's not much I can do about that.

Anyway, these tamales have achieved cult status among Angelenos. They're made with fresh corn off the cob, corn masa, cheddar cheese and 0rtega chile, then steamed in its own husk. It comes with beans and rice but once you've gotten through the dense tamales themselves, you barely have room for anything more. Sweet and savory, these tamales are only available May through October and are worth the wait. However, the same can't be said for their other dishes. That is, of course, you like heavily cheese-laden, densely sour-creamed, highly Americanized Mexican food...which is a shame, because a lot of authentic Mexican food has a plethora of really subtle and beautiful flavors that shouldn't be masked.

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