Joly Jamon!

(Come on, if you read it like 'holy hamon,' it's funny! No? Tap tap -- is this thing on?)

Ah, jamon. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Really, it would take me days, because the Spanish have 1001 ways of eating jamon. Jamon iberico is a type of cured ham that's only made in Spain. That's because it's from the Black Iberian pig, which subsists mostly on a diet of acorns.

This picture was taken at La Boqueria* (Mercat de la Boqueria), which is a beautiful market in the heart of Barcelona. Not only can you find amazingly fresh and colorful produce, but you can also find wonderful cheeses and of course, jamon iberico.

*Boqueria also happens to be the name of a great tapas joint in NYC at 53rd W. 19th St.

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