For $1 per layer, you better eat your money's worth

After R. and I gorged on delectable dim sum, he insisted on taking me to a 'cake place' for dessert. I was so full...but pass up dessert? Fat chance.

When I was living in NYC, I was a West Side girl, through and through. The East Side just...wasn't (and still isn't) my cup of tea. But in pursuit of an amazing dessert, I was willing to overlook the joint's location and trek over to the East Side.

I thought I was walking into an uber-chic (and since it's on the East Side, uber-pretentious) clothing boutique. No, no - Lady M Cake Boutique
(41 E 78th Street) is a cake boutique - not a bakery, not a cake store, but a cake boutique. Get it right. 'This better be damn good, R.,' I thought to myself, because I can barely fit in this store, I feel like I shouldn't touch anything, and the cakes look like art, but...not in a scrumptious way, but more like a 'you break, you buy' sort of way. Anyway, R. insisted I had to try the crepe cake. The crepe cake? Come again?

Yes. Behold the Mille Crepe Cake: a multi-layered cake comprised of crepes and whipped cream. Light, fluffy, and just the right amount of sweetness, this novel concept was a treat. For a small slice, we paid $7. So essentially, each layer cost us a dollar. Was it worth trekking to the East Side, putting up with the black-clad too-cool-for-school cake slicers (are they cake artists by day, models and actors by night?), and the usual Muffy and Buffy East Side crowd? Check, please.

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