Turkey on the Barbie - Who Knew?

My friend L.'s parents are the sweetest, cutest couple - and both of them are phenomenal cooks. They graciously invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner - lucky me! And what a dinner it was. Everything was made from scratch, and therefore made with plenty of love, and every morsel was truly scrumptious.

Lauren's dad was the turkey master that day, and he sure did it right. I've never had a whole turkey cooked on the grill, but the subtle smokiness of the end product was divine. He stuffed the bird with crisp green apples, with plenty of tart. He then rubbed the skin with a simple mixture of olive oil, salt, and pepper. The meat was wonderfully moist, despite being on the grill for several hours. The skin - the skin was the best part! It developed a succulent crispiness that is truly unparalleled by any bird cooked in the oven.


The mother of all animal cookies

How cute is this sugar cookie? When I was back in Seattle visiting my friends, A. and E., we decided to take a day off and explore Bainbridge Island. We came across a really quaint bakery, and our eyes were immediately drawn to this squirrel cookie. It was almost too cute to eat! I said almost.