Eating blueberries 'til I'm blue in the face

Last summer, I visited a friend in Vermont. Which town? Hm...I think it was called 'In-the-middle-of-absolutely-nowhere-is-that-really-a-cow?!' Yup, I'm pretty sure that was the town's name. Alright, if you want to get technical, the town's name was Middlebury.

Well, there's a lot to be said for country life, and even a die-hard city mouse like me can appreciate some of its beauties.

Look at these precious morsels. We picked these blueberries by an adorable bed-n-breakfast. You can pick as many as you want, as long as you split your bounty 50-50 with the b-n-b owners. I'd say that's fair.

We took them home, and I made a scrumptious blueberry coffee cake, which we enjoyed for the next few days...for breakfast, dessert, and afternoon snack. I was blueberried out for the next few weeks!