Hot Chocolate? Or Chocolate Pudding?

My only regret about my incredible trip to Barcelona is that I didn't take more pictures of the orgasmic food that I ate. I knew I would have some incredible meals, but I had no idea just how mind-boggling they would be.

Alas, the only real picture I took was of this amazing hot chocolate that I had at a
specialty chocolate store & cafe named Cacao Sampaka. As it was early March in Barcelona, there was a wonderful crispness in the air, and nothing warms you up quite like a cup of really good hot chocolate. But this wasn't just any hot chocolate. You really couldn't 'drink' this hot chocolate- it was so thick that you had to eat it with a spoon - and if I had left my spoon in it, it would've remained erect. Now that's my kind of hot chocolate!

I also had a delightful hazelnut torte to go along with my hot chocolate. Now, you might be thinking, 'That's overkill! How bad was the crash you had after the sugar rush?' Fear not, friends. There was no crash at all. You see, the hot chocolate was intense but it just had a hint of sweetness; it wasn't the sugary syrup that you come to expect out of most hot chocolates. Then again, they used real cocoa to make this hot chocolate and it was really about savoring the true flavor of the cocoa and not masking it with sugar.

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